06/05/2017 14:15 BST

Paul Nuttall Continues To Insist Ukip Has 'Bright Future'

The party lost all but one of its county council seats in the local elections.

Paul Nuttall has continued to insist that his party has a “very bright” future - despite the party suffering a wipeout in this week’s local elections.

The Ukip leader told Sky News that he thought that Theresa May would “barter things away”, such as fisheries and freedom of movement, when negotiating Brexit, and that would upset many.

PA Wire/PA Images
Paul Nuttall has continued to insist that Ukip has a bright future

He said: “When people are angry, when people feel like they’ve been let down, when people feel like they’re not getting the Brexit that they wanted or they voted for on June 23, where are they going to go?

“They’re going to return to UKIP, so the future of UKIP is very bright indeed.

“UKIP could well be bigger than it ever has been.”

He added that losing council seats to the Tories was “always going to happen”.

Ukip lost all but one of its county council seats.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page yesterday, Nuttall also insisted that Ukip were “victims of our own success”.


Despite his confidence in the party, it seemed Nuttall’s comments left many somewhat unconvinced…

Arron Banks, one of the party’s biggest donors, said that if Ukip was a racing car, Nuttall had “crashed the car, at the first bend of the race, into the crowd, killing the driver and spectators”.