29/03/2017 09:48 BST

This Watch Is Made Out Of Your Pet's Fur, So Excuse Us While We Gag

So fetch.

If a Rolex is a little too flash and a Casio just screams hipster, then perhaps we can interest you in another classic timepiece – the pet fur watch.

For all those pet owners who simply can’t bear to be parted from their furry companion all day long can now strap Fido to your wrist instead.

The Philadelphia-based Analog Watch Company has designed the ‘Companion Collection’ where you can harvest your pet’s hair (we’re thinking dog, cat, or even guinea pig if you have really tiny hands) and have it glued to a genuine leather band. 

Analog Watch

Just think about how happy your cat will be with this situation. 

Analog Watch

All you need to do is send over $199 with your box of matted fur (they need about 2 to 4oz so you better be pretty handy with those scissors) and they will do the rest.

The only hitch is that preorders start on 1 April – which means there is a high likelihood this whole thing is some kind of hijinks – but the internet isn’t happy regardless. 

Now if only they could do something with all the hair our housemates leave in the plughole.