'Peter Kay's Car Share' Fans Dismayed By 'Unsatisfying Ending', Demand Christmas Special

Peter Kay won't budge.

‘Car Share’ fans were left distinctly wanting more after last night’s finale, particularly as Peter Kay has made it clear there won’t be any more.

The final episode of Series 2 found John Redmond (Peter Kay) and Kayleigh Kitson(Sian Gibson)’s slow-burning romance come to an abrupt halt after Kayleigh revealed she wanted more, and John freaked. By the time he’d recovered and set up a radio dedication for her, she’d gone - leaving John to dream of what might have been.

John and Kayleigh's slow-burning romance reached an impasse in the final episode of 'Car Share'
John and Kayleigh's slow-burning romance reached an impasse in the final episode of 'Car Share'

Some fans of the show decided this was an unsatisfying ending to what has been a much-cherished, much-praised show since its debut in 2015, and won Peter Kay two BAFTA Awards along the way.

Meanwhile, some fans put all their hopes into a Christmas special...

Peter Kay won’t be troubled by such reports, however.

He told BBC Radio Manchester:

“You’ve got to get out while the going’s good. No. No Christmas special either.”

“I am absolutely delighted and overwhelmed by everybody’s support and the fact that everyone’s loved it so much has been wonderful for everyone who’s made it, but you’re better quitting while you’re ahead.

“It’s been wonderful working with Sian, who’s one of my closest friends in the world. We have a good laugh but I think sometimes you’ve got to just leave things.

“You need good ideas - that’s the problem. You need good strong stories. A lot of series tend to go on for one series too many, especially with comedies, and I think people say ‘ooh, it’s gone off, that’.”

He’s not wrong. Both ‘Fawlty Towers’ and ‘The Office’ went through just two series, although Ricky Gervais was persuaded to make Christmas specials for the latter.

A few satisfied souls, however, are happy with what they’ve had...

There is a small consolation prize, however, for firm fans of Peter Kay in all his incarnations. In the same interview, he revealed He IS thinking of returning to Phoenix Nights, even revealing, “There’s a whole series three that’s been written for about 15 years!”

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