01/08/2017 08:29 BST | Updated 01/08/2017 11:17 BST

Piers Morgan Gets Mocked For Calling Anthony Scaramucci A 'Great Communicator'

'Piers Morgan is to analysis what Mother Theresa was to rugby league.'

Piers Morgan has received a sound drubbing online for comments he made less than two weeks ago about Anthony Scaramucci.

It was revealed on Monday night that the White House’s director of communications had been ousted after just 10 days.

Which made it slightly awkward that the outspoken broadcaster had tweeted this a few days earlier:

Unfortunately for Morgan, Donald Trump’s “great hire” caused controversy almost as soon as he had stepped into the new role.

Scaramucci hit the headlines for a profanity-laced tirade against other members of President Donald Trump’s White House staff, as well as giving an extraordinary interview to BBC Newsnight in which he said he was unlike others in Washington because he preferred “front-stabbing”, compared repealing Obamacare to the abolition of slavery, and said Trump was not an elitist because he eats cheeseburgers.

The White House announced the termination of his employment by saying his removal was to give new chief of staff John Kelly a “clean slate”.

This, unsurprisingly, left many somewhat gleeful over Morgan’s earlier pronouncement...

Though in fairness, Morgan himself admitted that the tweet had not aged well, pronouncing it a “shockingly bad” prediction:

Scaramucci’s short tenure followed that of Mike Dubke, who resigned in May after just three months as White House communications director.

Even his appointment was laden with controversy.

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer reportedly submitted his resignation after learning Trump was giving Scaramucci a prominent role on the White House communications team.