Piers Morgan Slams 'Deeply Unpleasant' Jameela Jamil In Harry And Meghan Row

The actor hit back claiming she knows that the Good Morning Britain presenter “doesn’t believe half” of the things he says.

Piers Morgan has branded Jameela Jamil a “deeply unpleasant human being” who is the “epitome of virtue-signalling celebrity hypocrisy” during their latest online clash.

The pair had another tense exchange on Twitter off the back of comments the Good Morning Britain presenter made about the Duke and Duchess Of Sussex’s recent ITV documentary.

Piers Morgan and Jameela Jamil
Piers Morgan and Jameela Jamil

Piers blasted the “staggeringly privileged royal multi-millionaires” for making the programme following their recent tour of Africa “all about their own terrible struggle”, with his remarks facing criticism from mental health campaigner Matt Haig.

After Piers dismissed Matt’s point that he was sending a “terrible message to people who feel guilty about their mental health issues”, Jameela weighed in.

“The thing is Matt,” she wrote, “someone broke @piersmorgan a long time ago, and so he despises chat of mental health, because it would incur a potential investigation for him, into the dark past that made him an addict for being a panto villain.

“He lives for the vitriol, ridicule and abuse.”

Piers soon bit back referencing some of their previous encounters, tweeting: “You just hate the fact that I’ve exposed you for the total fraud you are... the absolute personification of fake celebrity victimhood, belying the fact you’re a deeply unpleasant human being.”

Piers and Jameela's row began after comments he made about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex
Piers and Jameela's row began after comments he made about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

As Piers and Matt also continued their own debate, Jameela replied again, claiming to know from Piers’ friends that he “doesn’t believe half” of the things he says.

She said: “You don’t ‘disagree’ with us. You openly abuse people and put harmful rhetoric out into the world with your large platform, when I know from your friends you don’t even believe half the nonsense you spew. So we interrupt your flow of defiant ignorance towards marginalized groups.”

Expanding further to her followers, Jameela continued: “One of his best friends told me he literally says half of this shit for sport and clicks... but the millions of people who follow him and take his words as truth, and deem him logical and respectable... don’t know this...”

However, Piers claimed “there’s no more abusive person on Twitter” than Jameela, responding: “You hide behind your ‘woke’ bullsh*t to justify your vile rantings. I see right through you, Ms Jamil - and increasingly, so does everyone else.

“You’re the epitome of virtue-signalling celebrity hypocrisy,” he added.

It is not the first time Piers and Jameela have clashed over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Back in August, Piers slammed her when she accused “England and the English press” of hating Meghan “because she’s black”.

Prior to that, Jameela labelled the GMB star an “irrelevant shit stain smeared across our country” after he criticised her appearance in the issue of Vogue that Meghan guest-edited.

Meanwhile, Piers has also rowed with BBC Breakfast rival Dan Walker over his comments about Harry and Meghan’s documentary, branding him a “snivelling sycophant”.

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