Jeremy Corbyn Pictured Protesting Against Tony Blair's Iraq War Move In 2003 Daily Mirror Photo

He fought fiercely against Blair's decision 13 years ago.
<strong>Blair came under fire in the Chilcot Report, released on Wednesday</strong>
Blair came under fire in the Chilcot Report, released on Wednesday

Piers Morgan has revealed a photo of Jeremy Corbyn in his younger years, when he was fighting Labour’s impending decision to invade Iraq.

The former Daily Mirror editor released an image that showed the now Labour leader signing a note to Tony Blair registering his opposition to the war.

Posted on the same day Blair himself was criticised in a scathing report by Sir John Chilcot, Morgan showed Corbyn protesting against the decision by his then leader.

The Islington MP was signing a petition included on the front page of the Mirror, which was edited by Morgan at the time and carried a fiercely anti-War editorial line.

The plea read: “Mr Blair, I hereby register my opposition to any war with Iraq not justified by unequivocal UN evidence.”

Corbyn was seen standing outside the Houses of Parliament in January 2003, two months before troops were sent by Blair into Iraq.

<strong>The Mirror's January 23 2003 front page</strong>
The Mirror's January 23 2003 front page
The Mirror

Corbyn had joined millions of people protesting British troops being sent to join George W Bush’s military strike in a bid to topple Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

The Labour leader today achieved a pre-election promise by apologising on behalf of the Labour Party for Blair's decision to involve the UK in military action with the US in Iraq.

“Politicians and political parties can only grow stronger by acknowledging when they get it wrong and by facing up to their mistakes,” he said in a speech.

“I now apologise sincerely on behalf of my party for the disastrous decision to go to war in Iraq in March 2003."


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