Piers Morgan Takes Heat For Making Light Of #MeToo Movement

'The guy is still on TV?'

Piers Morgan has come under fire on social media for making light of the #MeToo movement during Monday’s (19 March) ‘Good Morning Britain’.

During the live broadcast, the host read out a tweet from ‘The Chase’ presenter Bradley Walsh, suggesting that he and co-anchor Susanna Reid reminded him of Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd in ‘Moonlighting’.

A promotional image of the two actors then flashed up on screen, to which Piers suggested he and Susanna should recreate the image.

Piers attempts to get Susanna to pose with him
Piers attempts to get Susanna to pose with him

He commented to Susanna: “Come on, come on, you know you want to.

“Come on, dangle your little arm around me, you know you want to. We’ve got to try and recreate it, come on.

“You’re allowed to. I’m not going to ‘#MeToo’ you! Come on. You’re allowed to touch me in the workplace, come on.”

However, some viewers took issue with the distasteful way he phrased his attempted joke, with many criticising him for making light of a topic as serious as #MeToo in front of millions of ‘Good Morning Britain’ viewers.

The rise to prominence of the #MeToo movement came at the end of last year, when accusations of sexual harassment against a number of key figures in Hollywood began dominating the headlines.

People who have themselves been the victims of sexual harassment began using the hashtag in an attempt to keep the conversation going, and show that anyone can be on the receiving end of sexual misconduct.

Since then, the ‘Time’s Up’ initiative has been set up, and has raised millions of dollars in a short space of time to help cover legal fees for the victims of sexual harassment in the workplace across all industries.

‘Good Morning Britain’ airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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