18/04/2018 11:18 BST | Updated 18/04/2018 12:06 BST

Piers Morgan Attempts To Explain His ‘Freakishly Smooth Forehead’... But His Wife Has Her Own Theory


When Piers Morgan returned to ‘Good Morning Britain’ on Monday, many viewers - and his co-host Susanna Reid - were quick to point out how refreshed he looked.

Piers had taken a few weeks out from the ITV breakfast show and returned looking - dare we say it? - more youthful than when he was last sat behind the ‘GMB’ desk.

Piers Morgan

Cue rather a lot of speculation about whether the 53-year-old presenter had received a little surgical help in attaining his radiant new look - or was it simply down to the lighting in the new ITV studios?

Co-host Susanna Reid even took a mini-cam to his forehead, admitting it looked “surgically smooth”...

Now Piers has attempted to explain matters, insisting it’s all a combination of not having to get up before the crack of dawn and plenty of R&R in the California sunshine.

During an interview on Wednesday’s ‘Lorraine’, he said: “The difference is I went to LA for three and a half weeks, and suddenly I’m not getting out of bed too early. I get up, I look at palm trees in the 75 degree heat, I have a nice thirty length swim, I might then do a bit of spinning on my spinning bike.

“I then go for a walk in Beverly Hills and then you can eat as much cheese and drink as much wine as you like because by then you’re a lean mean machine.”


Lorraine Kelly compared Piers to a "boiled egg".

However, Pier’s wife Celia Walden has a completely different theory about her husband’s “freakishly smooth forehead”.

During the same interview, Celia called into the show to offer her take, saying: “I have a theory about Piers’ freakishly smooth forehead and that is that his ego is so large it’s actually pushing outwards and plumping out the skin from within.

“I’m yet to get a dermatologist to substantiate this but I’m pretty sure that’s what is going on.”

But what do you think? There’s only one way to find out...

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