PMQs Today Without The Shouting 11 May 2016

Can Corbyn capitalise on Cameron's corruption cock-up?

It's once again time for the Prime Minister to take questions from MPs in the House of Commons, and things should be quite easy for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn because David Cameron made a mistake yesterday by calling Afghanistan and Nigeria "fantastically corrupt" while he didn't think his microphone was on.

Let's take a look at all the interesting bits, without the shouting:

Labour's Mike Kane opened with a question about corruption, which prompted the PM to joke about Tuesday's events

Corbyn couldn't even get a word out without jeering from the opposite side

Cameron accused Labour and the Lords of blocking the Tories' "affordable homes"

But Labour weren't quite in agreement about his terminology

Corbyn and Cameron both paid tribute to Sir David Attenborough for his birthday, but the PM took things one step further and offered his condolences to Boaty McBoatface

Corbyn was rambling a bit, letting Cameron get a leg up

Corbyn finally got around to asking about child refugees, which was left to other Labour MPs when it was actually relevant

Despite having a lot of good topics to work with, Corbyn once again showed that PMQs isn't really in his comfort zone

Cameron was pulling no punches in taking the mickey out of the SNP

But Angus Robertson hit back hard

Jess Phillips asked the PM to exempt women's refuges from housing benefit changes which could close them

And David Cameron eventually offered his congratulations to Sadiq Khan for winning the London mayoralty

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