PMQs Today Without The Shouting, 25 May 2016

Step forward, George Osborne.

We've got another edition of PMQs today, but things aren't going the usual way this time - David Cameron is off at the G7 and Jeremy Corbyn won't be around either. That means it's George Osborne in the blue corner and Angela Eagle stepping up in the red corner.

Let's take a look at everything that happened, without all the shouting:

Osborne was a bit too keen and tried to answer a question before it was even asked

Angela Eagle came out swinging

Which was a bit of a relief for many Labour supporters after Corbyn's slightly underwhelming record during PMQs

When asked about Google's tax affairs, Osborne dodged the question by attacking Eagle for not asking the question when she was working for the Treasury...

There was then a bit more school playground bickering, with Eagle and Osborne essentially arguing about whose party was more divided

Angela borrowed some words from 'The Thick Of It'

Osborne popped in a few zingers

Richard Drax stood up for a question but then instead reeled off a few minutes of pro-Brexit propaganda, prompting a little telling off from the Speaker

Angus Robertson was as fierce as ever

But Osborne ignored the serious questions and used the time to tenuously attack the SNP

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