PMQs Today 8 June 2016 Without The Shouting

Here's everything that happened at PMQs today, without all the boring bits.

British politics is in a bit of a spin at the moment, with the EU referendum just around the corner. Let's take a look at how it affected PMQs today, without all the braying from the benches.

The first question was from Mims Davies, who encouraged the prime minister to do something about the voter registration crash on Tuesday. He said he was working on it.

Jeremy Corbyn urged the house to remember Muhammad Ali and went on to slam Sports Direct.

Cameron offered his words to Ali, then made a bad joke.

Corbyn finally tried to kick it into the open goal of Tory divisions over Brexit.

But Cameron was ready for that.

So the Labour leader tried to take him to task on tax evasion. But he had an answer ready for that too.

Meanwhile, a lot of peoples' attention started to wander.

Cameron accused Labour's Gisela Stuart of "spinning for Nigel Farage".

The PM came out of Corbyn's questioning fairly unscathed, but it was his own backbenchers who were taking him to task.

And Angus Robertson decided to set aside his usual brash questioning to unite with Cameron on remaining in the EU.

Oh, and Cameron warned against pulling out of the United Kingdom rather than the European Union. Obviously still had the last referendum on his mind.

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