PMQs Today Without The Shouting: 4 May 2016

Follow all the action from the House of Commons, with all the boring bits taken out.

We've had another storming week in British politics, with Labour's anti-semitism row continuing and 5 May's local elections just around the corner. It's time yet again for MPs to fire their questions at David Cameron, so let's take a look at how it played out - without all the shouting:

The PM kicked everything off with a congratulatory message to the new Premier League Champions:

David Cameron congratulates West Ham err Leicester Square on winning the Premier League #PMQs

β€” Rahul Writes (@Rahul_Writes) May 4, 2016

He was then asked to stop bombing Syria, to which he said "no".

First question asked about war in Syria and says he's not changing anything because it's all going great #PMQs #totaldenial

β€” The Sunday People (@thesundaypeople) May 4, 2016

Even a heatwave in London couldn't stop Keith Vaz:

Keith Vaz is wearing his Leicester City scarf #pmqs

β€” Mollie Goodfellow (@hansmollman) May 4, 2016

But wait, isn't he supposed to be a Villa fan?

Perhaps Cameron needs a football team for each of his faces, #pmqs #bbcdp ;)

β€” Juli (@julijuxtaposed) May 4, 2016

Sweet burn by @jeremycorbyn on Cameron in #PMQs about him supporting Leicester now. You'll have to call Jeremy CorrrBants

β€” Jeremy Flynn (@jeremyflynn_) May 4, 2016

It soon all became about Jeremy Corbyn refusing to withdraw statements calling Hamas and Hezbollah his "friends":

PM says Hamas want to kill Jews not just in Israel but across the world - calls on Corbyn to withdraw his remarks #PMQs

β€” PARLY (@ParlyApp) May 4, 2016

Four times, in fact.

Why won't Corbyn answer, is he or is he not a friend of Hummus? #PMQs

β€” George Sabapathy (@mutantteenager) May 4, 2016

Corbyn called on the Conservatives to stop "smearing" his friend Sadiq Khan, which was a mistake because Cameron could turn it back towards the antisemitism issue:

Dave doesn't want to answer questions, agenda is to attack as elections tomorrow. #PMQs

β€” nirmala (@IPS202020) May 4, 2016

And then it all turned into "We're not racist, you lot are racist" back-and-forth.

Well this is the state of British politics in 2016. A sustained bout of tit for tat 'You said this, you said that'. #PMQs

β€” Alex (@actickle) May 4, 2016

Christ, is this Racism Top Trumps? #PMQs

β€” Paul W. (@limeandonion) May 4, 2016

All the major parties trying to play the game of "Who is the least racist?", it's f*cking tragic. #PMQs

β€” Woke Disney (@jennywhojenny) May 4, 2016

Overall it seemed both Corbyn and Cameron forgot about the "Questions" bit of Prime Minister's Questions and just started shouting at each other. Wonder why?

I think there might be elections tomorrow... #PMQs

β€” Craig Prescott (@craigprescott) May 4, 2016

BBC titles on point #PMQs

β€” TechnicallyRon (@TechnicallyRon) May 4, 2016

Angus Robertson followed up on last week's question about child refugees, and got the same answer:

PM: I do reject the comparison with the kinder-transport. We are taking people from the region. Taking from France insult to democracy #PMQs

β€” Red Box (@timesredbox) May 4, 2016

However there was a small sign of a potential u-turn:

U-turn klaxon? Cameron suggests Dubs amendment on child refugees not going back to Lords and will do council ring round to find homes #pmqs

β€” Graeme Demianyk (@GraemeDemianyk) May 4, 2016

Luckily the PM didn't try to capitalise on Star Wars Day with a terrible joke like he has been known to do.

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