Get Lumps And Bumps After Shaving? Here's How To Ditch The Itch

The 'strawberry legs' label we could do without. But there are ways to relieve those post-shave bumps.
Everything you need to banish those itchy bumps and spots
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Everything you need to banish those itchy bumps and spots

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Find that after shaving, your legs feel rough and bumpy in texture, and there are dark spots where your hairs used to be? Typically caused by enlarged hair follicles, clogged pores, or the genetic condition keratosis pilaris, they can leave leave you feeling itchy, uncomfortable, and maybe even self-conscious.

It’s not always possible to get rid of these pesky dots, but there are products available that are proven to help soothe those itchy and uneven bumps.

FYI, in some circles, they’ve become known as “strawberry legs” but there’s been a lot of pushback on this term as just another way to police women’s bodies, not to mention it not really taking into account all skin tones and types.

However, as someone who regularly suffers from the post-shave bumps, I know how uncomfortable they can be, so this is my thoroughly researched selection of products that aim to make a difference. And many of them I’ve tried myself!

A scrub that's more active than abrasive
While exfoliating is key for preventing the bumps, simply scrubbing your skin really hard isn’t actually the best way to do it. With sugar for physically loosening up dirt and debris, and AHAs that chemically exfoliate, this double-action scrub will leave your skin bright and blemish-free.
This razor with blades for sensitive skin
'Strawberry' skin can be particularly prevalent if you shave regularly, as it causes irritation. To lessen the impact, make sure you always soak in warm water to open up your pores before you shave, and use a razor that’s been designed with sensitive skin in mind.
This oil that banishes bumps and eradicates ingrowns
Banishing bumps and redness, this soothing oil will seep into and smooth out your pores. If you shave regularly, just apply a few drops once you’re out of the shower to any problem areas, and you can wave goodbye to painful pimples, itchy red spots, and ingrowns.
A dry brush to help buff away dead skin cells
Exfoliating is a key remedy for the post-shave itch – and it doesn’t just have to be done on wet skin. With its strong and medium soft bristles, this dry brush will gently but firmly remove dead skin cells, stimulate circulation, and eliminate clogged pores.
This smoothing lotion that’s enriched with lactic acid
The perfect post-shower lotion, this innovative formula will totally transform the texture of your skin. Enriched with gently exfoliating lactic acid that buffs away dull and dead surface cells, this resurfacing treatment will leave skin radiant and smooth.
This body cleanser that also chemically exfoliates
This affordable body cleanser boasts two hero ingredients; exfoliating and smoothing salicylic acid, and hydrating hyaluronic acid. Just massage it into wet skin while showering, and it’ll continue to cleanse, peel and moisturise your body long after you’ve dried off.
A shaving cream formula that provides maximum moisturisation
If you suffer with dry or sensitive skin, then shaving foams and gels can be far too dehydrating. This cream formula is a far kinder option for your skin, with shea oil for instant moisture, and shea butter for lasting protection.
This multi-vitamin serum that’ll leave your legs shimmering
Thanks to the powerful combination of Vitamins C and E, this lightweight serum is the perfect refining product if you’re really keen to even out your skin tone. Plus, it’s also got a hint of colour to leave your legs looking sun kissed.
This cult favourite lotion that’ll clear out your pores
If there’s one ingredient you definitely need in your fight against post-shave discomfort, it’s salicylic acid. Capable of exfoliating deep into the pores in order to remove dead skin cells and bumps, this lotion is a firm favourite.
A restoring and refining cream to massage into your body
Boasting a gentle and nourishing blend of powerful actives, this lotion soothes inflammation, enhances collagen production, and delivers lots of hydration. Plus, in this handy set you also get a dermatologist-approved brush that’s perfect for application!
An epilator for a smoother and more long-lasting finish than shaving
Swap regularly shaving and disrupting your skin’s surface for a hair removal method that’ll leave you smooth for up to four weeks. With its gentle tweezing discs, and two speed settings, this corded epilator will have a much less traumatic impact on your skin.
This fragrance-free lotion that’ll resurface rough and bumpy legs
Removing dead skin cells, unblocking hair follicles, and resurfacing and smoothing texture, this gorgeous lotion works to continually refine and improve the top layers of skin. You’ll be left super smooth and hydrated.