How A Woman's Internal Organs Move During Pregnancy Shown In A Fascinating Gif

A lot has to change to make room for baby.

Mums can see exactly what went on inside their belly during nine months of pregnancy thanks to a fascinating gif.

The four-second clip, that is being shared again on social media after originally being uploaded in 2015, shows how a woman's internal organs shift as her baby grows.

A mum-to-be's bladder is pushed down and her stomach is lifted up to make way for her expanding uterus.

The gif comes from an interactive tool from the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

It describes the uterus growing at a "rapid" rate, causing the organs to be "squeezed" and the muscle and joints "loosened".

"This looks really quite accurate," Dr Helen Webberley, dedicated GP for, told The Huffington Post UK.

"It shows how the organs in the abdomen and chest get squashed as the foetus grows, explaining how breathless the mother gets on exertion during pregnancy."

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