All The Organisations That Have Cut Links With Prince Andrew So Far – And Some That Haven't

The Duke of York is the patron of 20 groups that work with children and young people.

Barclays and BT are the latest organisations to express concern about being linked to Prince Andrew, as the fallout from his attempt to justify his friendship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein continues to escalate.

The telecoms giant warned on Wednesday it will only continue to back a digital skills award scheme if the Duke of York is dropped as patron.

But a number of other organisations, among them groups that focus on children, have said that – although they are aware of the allegations against the Prince Andrew – they have no plans to sever ties with him.

Barclays and BT join a growing number of multimillion-pound businesses, universities and charities that have distanced themselves from the prince in the wake of his hugely controversial Newsnight interview at the weekend.

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew
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Banking giant Barclays said it was ending its ties with the entrepreneur mentorship scheme Pitch@Palace, which Andrew set up at Buckingham Palace It was one of its main sponsors.

A spokesman for Barclays said: “In light of the current situation, we have informed Pitch@Palace that going forward we will, regretfully, no longer be participating in the programme.

“Pitch@Palace has been historically highly successful in supporting entrepreneurs and job creation and we hope a way forward can be found that means they can continue this important work.”

The University of Huddersfield

Back in 2015, the Duke of York was made chancellor of the West Yorkshire university and awarded an honorary doctorate and on Monday night, Huddersfield Uni’s student union passed a motion saying the SU should lobby Prince Andrew to resign as chancellor.

On Thursday it was announced the Duke would be stepping down, the university confirmed.

In a statement, Huddersfield University Students’ Union said: “This morning, we’ve received confirmation from the university that the duke has stepped down from his position with immediate effect to allow the university to appoint a new chancellor.

“We know that students will welcome this decision, and the Students’ Union would like to offer our sympathy to the victims of Epstein and all those affected by sexual abuse across the world.”


The Duke of York has reportedly resigned from his role with his flagship business project Pitch@Palace after days of speculation about his future with the successful initiative he founded.

Andrew appears to have bowed to pressure and stepped down, with the move coming a day after one sponsor said his plans to continue leading Pitch were “not tenable”.

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

The prestigious Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) has confirmed Andrew would no longer be its figurehead.

In a statement, an RPO spokesperson said: “Following HRH The Duke of York’s announcement that he will be stepping back from public life, management representatives of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) met with Prince Andrew’s office on Thursday afternoon.

“At a subsequent meeting of the RPO Board, it was decided that the Orchestra should part company with its patron, with immediate effect.

“The RPO would like to express its gratitude to His Royal Highness for his support of the Orchestra over the past 15 years.”

English National Ballet

The English National Ballet confirmed on Friday that it had accepted Prince Andrew’s “immediate resignation” as royal patron, The Stage reported.

A spokesperson from the dance company told the publication: “Following HRH the Duke of York’s announcement that he is stepping back from public duties, we have accepted HRH’s resignation as patron of English National Ballet with immediate effect.

“HRH the Duke of York has been patron of English National Ballet since 2001 and we would like to thank him for the all the support he has given us for the last 18 years.”

London Metropolitan University

London Metropolitan University revealed on Tuesday it was reviewing the Duke of York’s role as its patron. Andrew took on the role in 2013, taking over from his father, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Royal Portrush Golf Club

Royal Portrush Golf Club, of which the Duke of York is a patron, said it would monitor the investigative process.

The host of this year’s Open Championship said there were no schedule plans for Andrew to return to the club.

“The allegations surrounding Prince Andrew, and especially the trauma and distress suffered by the victims of Jeffrey Epstein, is a matter of deep regret,” a club statement said.


On Monday evening, it emerged that accountancy firm KPMG had decided not to renew its sponsorship of Andrew’s Pitch@Palace mentorship scheme, which ran out at the end of October.

Standard Chartered

On Tuesday, Asian-focused bank Standard Chartered revealed it had decided not to renew its sponsorship of the scheme.

A spokesman for Standard Chartered said: “We can confirm we are not renewing our sponsorship of Pitch@Palace for commercial reasons once our current agreement terminates in December.”


Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca confirmed it is also reviewing its three-year partnership with Pitch@Palace, which is due to expire at the end of the year.

Advertising Week Europe

A spokesman told the Daily Mail on Tuesday: “While our support for entrepreneurs remains just as strong, we can confirm that Pitch@Palace will not be held as part of Advertising Week Europe 2020.”

Murdoch University

Murdoch University has joined the list of Australian educational organisations severing ties with Prince Andrew’s Pitch@Palace initiative.

A spokesman said: “Murdoch University has today advised Buckingham Palace it would not continue its participation in Pitch@Palace in 2020.”

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children’s (NSPCC)

The NSPCC has found itself in a bit of a battle to distance itself from Prince Andrew, reiterating countless times on Twitter over the past few days that its relationship with the Duke ended in 2009.

A spokesperson for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children’s (NSPCC) said: “Prince Andrew was a patron of the NSPCC Full Stop Campaign, which ended in 2009.”

Outward Bound Trust

The Outward Bound Trust confirmed on Thursday that it had accepted Prince Andrews resignation as patron.

Association of Leading Visitor Attractions

On Thursday lunchtime, the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions thanked Prince Andrew for 20 years of support but confirmed he was no longer its president.

A number of other organisations have not cut links with Prince Andrew but have commented on the issue.

Foundation for Liver Research

A spokesperson for the Foundation for Liver Research said: “We don’t have anything to say at the moment. It is a matter for the trustees, who will consider it in due course.”

Council of British International Schools

The Council of British International Schools (COBIS) has said that, although it is aware of the allegations against Prince Andrew, it will not be severing ties.

A spokesperson said: “HRH The Duke of York KG has been the Royal Patron of COBIS since 2011, as successor to HRH The Princess Alexandra, and has continued to give valued support.

“COBIS is aware of recent publicity regarding HRH The Duke of York, the statement released by Buckingham Palace, and the recent BBC interview.”

The Royal Society

The Royal Society said only: “HRH Prince Andrew Duke of York is a Royal Fellow of the Society. He was elected in 2013.”

The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust also confirmed that Andrew was a patron of the organisation, but refused to comment further.

Power 2

A spokesperson for the youth development charity, said: “Power2 is conscious of the Duke of York’s recent TV interview, subsequent media coverage and previous statements from Buckingham Palace regarding the Jeffrey Epstein allegations.

“Our position is unchanged for the present: we will continue to monitor the situation closely and we are unable to provide further comment at this time.”

According to the Duke of York’s website, Prince Andrew holds the position of patron or similar with about 180 organisations, including many that work with children.

These include:

HuffPost UK has contacted those listed above for comment.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment for the article.

Prince Andrew was accused of showing a lack of empathy towards Epstein’s victims and a lack of remorse over his friendship with the disgraced financier, who took his own life while imprisoned earlier this year.

In the Newsnight interview, the duke also denied claims he slept with Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s victims, on three separate occasions – twice while she was under 18.

Adding to his woes, the prince on Wednesday became embroiled in yet another race row after a former home secretary said she was left “slack-jawed” about comments he made about Arab people during a state dinner.

Jacqui Smith, who served at the Home Office under Tony Blair, said the Duke of York’s remarks to her “involved a comment about camels” and were “as worse as you could imagine”.

Speaking on the LBC election podcast she hosts with Iain Dale, Smith added: “I met him several times, including once at a state banquet where, after dinner, I and my husband and another Labour cabinet minister had a drink with him.

“I have to say the conversation left us slack-jawed with the things that he felt it was appropriate to say.”


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