buckingham palace

The BBC ballroom show could be getting a regal new ballroom during the next series.
How's your lip reading? Princess Charlotte appeared to tell off her older brother, Prince George, on the Buckingham Palace balcony during the celebration of his great-granny's Platinum Jubilee!
The Platinum Jubilee, but not as you'll see it on British TV.
The monarch experienced ‚Äúdiscomfort‚ÄĚ during first day of events. The Duke of York has tested positive for Covid.
The monarch's address during the state opening of parliament is the head of state‚Äôs major constitutional duty ‚Äď but she doesn't write it herself.
The palace refused to comment on the false claim, but did give an update on the queen's health on Wednesday.
Buckingham Palace said the monarch was seen by specialists in London on Wednesday.
Biden and the queen will meet face-to-face after the president's G7 summit.