Back From Abroad? 18 Easy Buys To Keep Up Those Holiday Vibes

Everything you need to maintain that post-vacay glow and chill.
All the essentials you need to keep that post-vacay glow
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All the essentials you need to keep that post-vacay glow

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You spent months dreaming about jetting off abroad, soaking up the sun, and sipping ice-cold drinks around the pool. And thankfully, your trip was incredible. You ended the time away feeling utterly relaxed and oh-so glowy.

But now, you’re back and you’re starting to feel that post-holiday vibe slipping away. Sigh.

While you might not be able to instantly jet off on another trip, there are lots of things you can do to make yourself feel a little better and keep those post-holiday vibes going a little longer.

Pick up a beachy read
Some books are designed to be read while sat outside soaking up the sun, this is one of them. It's funny, romantic, and set in a gorgeous tropical paradise, making it perfect for when you're wanting to hang onto those vacay vibes for a little longer.
Start planning your next trip
You might not be able to jet off straight away but you can start planning out your next trip. This handy travel journal features room to plan up to 12 trips, a waterproof cover, and lots of stickers for easier planning.
Treat yourself to these peach-hued sunnies
If your sunglasses have seen better days, consider replacing them with these tortoiseshell frames. It might not be as sunny here as abroad but a good pair of sunnies are still a total must.
Update your nails with these quirky press-ons
Have your holiday nails seen better days? Swap them out for these super-easy-to-apply alternatives. (You'll be amazed at just how refreshed you feel with a new set of nails.)
This spray will give you back those soft, beachy waves
If your hair starts to curl and wave when you go near the sea, this salt spray is a game-changer. One spray of this and a little scrunching, and you'll soon be sporting those rustic surfer chick vibes.
Give your skin a gorgeous glow with these dewy drops
Keep that sun kissed, care-free glow up with these niacinamide-infused highlighting and brightening drops. Formulated with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, this watermelon-infused serum gives you skin a glorious, natural-looking glow.
Add a little watermelon to your morning routine with this scrub
This sweet but refreshing facial scrub gently exfoliates, brightens and refreshes skin, and is formulated with watermelon extract and vitamin C. It smells absolutely divine; so fresh and fruity - the minute I open the lid I instantly think of my last beach break.
Get your daily dose of watermelon with this handy slicer
Is it even a holiday if you didn't buy a huge watermelon to chow down on? Now you're back, treat yourself to this handy watermelon slicing tool and find the biggest watermelon you can.
Treat yourself to this luxe shower oil
There's something utterly relaxing about those luxury hotel toiletries, isn't there? To make your post-vacay showers a little more enjoyable, add a little luxury to your shower routine with this foaming shea-based shower oil. (I have this myself and it smells incredible.)
Top up your tan with this gradual formula
For giving your tan a little top up as it starts to fade, this firming gradual tanner works a treat, slowly building up the colour over time, with a natural and streak-free finish.
Give your hair a little TLC with this nutty mask
The chances are that all that swimming you did while away has left your hair a little dry, which is where this ultra-hydrating coconut oil based hair mask can be a game-changer. Smother your tresses in this for softer and healthier hair complete with a glorious coconutty scent.
Adorn yourself in this beachy fragrance
A spritz of this pretty pastel spray and it'll take you right back to glistening beaches, crystal clear water, and all those Pina Coladas.
Cleanse your locks with this coconutty shampoo
For adding a little sense of paradise back into your life, this coconut shampoo is a godsend. It's all natural, super hydrating, vegan and cruelty-free, plus it smells absolutely heavenly.
Master the art of Tapas
Fallen in love with those teeny tiny small plates while in Spain? This handy recipe book will help you to recreate all of your favorites, including patatas bravas, Spanish omelette, and peppers stuffed with salt cod - and lots more.
Recreate your favourite Greek dishes
Why is it that you always fall in love with a dish while on holiday and can then never find it once you get back home? If you've just come back from Greece, this authentic Greek cookbook features 111 recipes (including lots of favourites like Moussaka, Slovakia, and Gyros) for you to try.
Smother yourself in this sunny shower gel
This suncream-scented shower gel is the epitome of vacay vibes; it'll leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and smelling oh so summery. I always keep a bottle of this in my shower to give me a boost after I come back from a break away.
Spritz your skin with this facial tanner
Top up your tan with this quick and easy-to-use facial tanning spray, formulated hyaluronic acid, making it ideal for skin that's prone to dryness. It's also vegan and has a wonderfully tropical scent (no biscuity smells here).
Treat yourself to this glorious Italian aperitivo
After drinking this sunny spritz abroad, whenever I’m in need of a post-vacay boost, I reach for a glass of this. Made with 30 botanicals, including juniper berries and rhubarb root, this deep red drink is absolutely glorious, and when sipped while sitting in the sun, will take you right back to those sunny shores.