The Carry-On Bag Essentials You Need Now Proper Holidays Are Back

All the on-flight comfort, ents essentials, beauty products and must-haves your hand luggage is asking for.
The travel essentials every carry on bag needs
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The travel essentials every carry on bag needs

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As you swoop through the sky nestled in your plane seat, the simplest items – often things you wouldn’t have thought you would need – can become total travel game changers. That’s why it pays to be smart about what you pack when you head off on your first post-pandemic getaway.

Whether it’s an ergonomic neck pillow combined with sound proof earplugs that makes drifting off a breeze, or the entertainment setup that ensures your journey passes without stress or boredom, these are the items that make sitting on board public transport for hours at a time a little more bearable.

Feeling stuck when it comes to your carry on? We’ve rounded up the hand luggage must-haves that you’ll be sure to thank us for when when you’re 35,000 feet up in the air.

This handy duffle bag
This carry-on compliant bag design is a great buy if your go-to is due an upgrade. With a removable shoulder strap, this large capacity bag (made of a highly durable, waterproof material) is the ideal size for fitting all of your carry-on essentials.
This chic blanket x pillow
Clip this super soft travel blanket (which doubles up as pillow) on to your carry-on bag. This plush, cosy design is perfect for snuggling under while you travel, and then zipped up after use and transformed into a stylish cushion, making it easier to transport.
Your trusty iPad
Don't rely on the inflight entertainment. Pack an iPad and remember to chock it full of your favourite movies, TV shows and games to keep you occupied while you travel.
This travel bottle set
These handy bottles are ideal for decanting all of your essential beauty and wellness products into before a flight. Instead of wasting money on expensive minis, opt for this travel set instead. It's flight compliant with each bottle holding under 100ml of liquid.
This luxe travel pillow
If you want to sleep on the plane, you’re going to need a good travel pillow. This high density memory foam design offers 360 degree ergonomic neck support, while also being super easy to carry and transport (squishing down into a travel bag half its size).
These super soft earplugs
These ultra soft foam earplugs are designed to block out even the most piercing noises, making them a great buy for anyone who struggles to switch off on planes or needs silence to sleep.
These wireless ear pods
Whether you’re planning on listening to music or podcasts, or binge on movies while you travel, a pair of wireless bluetooth headphones can be a total game changer. These waterproof earpods with touch control have 25 hours of battery life, and come with their own rechargeable case
This snazzy eye mask
Sleeping on a plane can be an absolute nightmare, especially if bright lights mean you struggle to sleep. Enter this light-blocking eye mask, that’s designed with comfort in mind. (FYI, if you suffer from migraines or sinus issues, its compression also does the job).
This multi-tasking balm
To nourish, protect and soothe skin, lips, and hair, this multipurpose balm is a great buy. On contact with the warmth of your skin, the formula transforms from a velvety balm into a silky oil that quickly soaks into skin and hair.
A Kindle
Instead of filling your carry-on bag with a load of heavy books, treat yourself to a Kindle and keep all your favourites in one place. This 8GB, water-resistant design also links up to Audible, ideal for anyone who prefers to listen to stories rather than reading them.
These vegan and cruelty-free rejuvenating facial wipes
For easy peasy cleansing on the go, these exfoliating wipes are a real winner. Packed with refreshing grapefruit, they are formulated to leave your skin feeling fresh, renewed and radiant with just one quick swipe, and make a perfect addition to your carry on.
This hydrating facial mist
This 100ml hydrating facial mist (which is vegan and cruelty-free) is formulated to instantly replenish skin moisture with a simple spritz. When you’re traveling on a flight, you skin can quickly dry out, so this handy spray is a total game changer.
A collapsible bottle
Keep yourself hydrated on the plane with a collapsible water bottle that you can fill right up once you've got through security. A larger bottle like this can be a godsend as the air on planes is extremely dry – plus, this one's leak-proof, BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.
This hand cream mini
For dry to very dry skin, this gentle shea butter hand cream mini is perfect for popping in your carry-on bag. The rich formula moisturises and protects, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth, and instantly nourished.
This handy charger cable
Regardless of how great the battery life of your phone (and other devices) is, don’t assume it’ll last throughout your flight. Keep a multi-use charger on hand, like this charging cable that can charge three devices at once, and you'll not run out of bleep.
These clear airport compliant travel pouches
Safely stow any liquids in these clear, airport compliant zip-up bags.
These super gentle anti-bacterial surface wipes
Wipe down your seat and tray before you settle in to remove any nasty germs. Made from 100% biodegradable materials, these smart surface wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria, but are also ultra gentle. (So gentle they can even be used to cleanse babies bottle teats).
This powerful mini brush
Those pop-up brushes might save space but they don’t exactly work that well, do they? Instead, opt for this mini detangling brush that’s been designed to effortlessly tackle tangles without causing breakage or pain thanks to its smart IntelliFlex bristles.
A sanitising spray
Protect yourself from nasty germs with this 70% alcohol hand sanitiser with glycerin for added hydration. Simply spritz a small amount onto your palms and rub them gently together for the cleanest of hands.
This in-flight adaptors for headphones
Don’t fancy paying out for a set of plane headphones (which always seem to be super spenny)? Pack one of these headphone adaptors into your carry-on, so that you can connect up any headphones.
This useful travel wallet
The last thing you want to forget when it comes to packing your carry-on bag is any of your essential documents, which is why you need a stylish travel wallet like this one to keep everything organised in one place.
These mouthwatering travel sweets
Don't forget you'll need something to suck or chew during take off and landing to prevent ear damage and pain – these apple, raspberry and cranberry sweets are absolutely delicious.