Queen's Speech 2016 In Funny Tweets

Everything from the state opening of parliament summed up in nine tweets.

Her Majesty The Queen delivered her annual speech outlining the government's plan for the year ahead at Wednesday's state opening of parliament, but things were all a bit tame - unless you were watching on Twitter.

The BBC was pulling no punches in summarising Her Majesty's statements

Theresa May had a unicorn horn up her nose

The Queen spent 10 minutes in the "robing room" before stepping into the Chamber

Tim Farron looked on with sadness in his eyes

Jeremy Corbyn had absolutely no time for David Cameron's attempts at being friendly

Nobody could quite take seriously the call for Britain to "live within its means" from a woman on a gold chair

Some people misunderstood the hashtag

A lot of people were left disappointed how The Queen ended things

But it soon became clear why she wanted to wrap things up quickly

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