27/02/2017 09:18 GMT

Cat Brothers Separated At Rescue Shelter Reunited After Owners Match On Tinder

Cathleen and Brian are planning to move in together next month.

Tabby cats Ozzy and Butter were fortunate enough to be adopted when they were staying at their local animal rescue shelter.

The problem was, the brothers were adopted by different people, meaning they would probably never see each other again.

But eight months ago, their new owners matched on Tinder and fell head over heels for one another.

Now Cathleen Cavin and Brian Herrera, who are both single parents, are planning to move in together, meaning the cats and their children will soon become one big, happy family. 

Cavin, who is divorced, and Herrera, who is a widow, each have a daughter and were encouraged to join Tinder by their friends. 

 “We liked each other’s profiles and began talking for months,”Cavin told

“We went to an Italian restaurant in Petaluma for our first date. Well, that is where it started.”

Romance soon blossomed and when Cavin went to Herrera’s house for the first time, she realised they both had a ginger and white cat. 

In fact, Butter looked so similar to her own cat, Ozzy, that she did a double take. 

The pair soon got talking about where they had adopted their cats from and realised the kittens were both from Petaluma Animal Services in California. 

Further digging revealed they were actually brothers, who they’d adopted within days of each other.

The couple plan to move in together next month and have taken their feline connection as a sign they are meant to be together. 

Cavin said: “Brian and I had both lost faith from crazy past relationships. When we found each other, we found out soulmates. Having the twin cats just confirms it further that it is serendipity at play. Meant to be! Now we have faith.”

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