25/09/2017 14:58 BST | Updated 25/09/2017 15:01 BST

Revealed: This Supermarket Sells The Cheapest Prosecco


There’s only one thing better than a glass of Prosecco and that’s a cheap glass of Prosecco. 

With bargain bottles flying off the shelves and Lidl’s Bank Holiday discount ending in fisticuffs earlier this year, one thing’s for sure: we want our fizz cheap and we want it now.

That’s why money-saving app Vouchercloud has analysed the UK’s top supermarkets to find out how you can get the most bubbles for your buck.

Top of the charts is Lidl’s Allini Prosecco Frizzante Treviso, which currently retails at just 88p per 125ml glass. Bargain. 

Surprisingly Aldi’s show-stopping three-litre bottle of Prosecco didn’t make the top ten list at £1.67 per 125ml glass - proof that bigger isn’t necessarily better. 

The top 10 cheapest supermarket Prosecco per glass:

  1. LIDL at 88p per glass - Allini Prosecco Frizzante, Treviso DOC1 (750ml), £5.25
  2. Aldi at 97p per glass - Belletti Prosecco Spumante DOC (750ml), £5.79
  3. LIDL at 97p per glass - Allini Prosecco Spumante DOP1 (750ml), £5.79
  4. Tesco at 98p per glass - Bella Cucina Prosecco (750ml), £5.85
  5. Sainsbury’s at 99p per glass - Tura Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry (750ml), £5.95
  6. ASDA at £1.00 per glass - Prosecco Extra Dry (750ml), £6.00
  7. Morrisons at £1.00 per glass - Bargo Delle Civette Prosecco (750ml), £6.00
  8. Sainsburys at £1.00 per glass - Sainsbury’s Prosecco Frizzante (750ml), £6.00
  9. Morrisons at £1.00 per glass - Canti Prosecco Spumante Brut (750ml), £6.00*
  10. Aldi at £1.08 per glass - Belletti Prosecco DOC Magnum (1500ml), £12.99

*Morrisons Canti Prosecco Spumante Brut is currently on offer.

Pricing all based on supermarket online pricing and correct as of 19 September 2017.