Richard Madeley Says Judy Finnigan 'Basically Didn't Speak To Me For Two Days' After Holiday Mix-Up

"I think I would have been in less trouble if I’d had an affair."

If there’s one thing you can always count on Richard Madeley for, it’s a massive overshare at any available opportunity.

However, we don’t think Judy Finnigan would thank him for his latest loose-lipped admission, after he revealed that they recently fell out for a full two days during a recent trip away together.

On Monday morning, Richard returned to the Good Morning Britain studio where Susanna Reid made the mistake of asking if he’d had a “good summer”.

“With certain qualifications,” he began. “It didn’t get off to the best of starts.”

Richard Madeley in the GMB studio
Richard Madeley in the GMB studio
Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock

Richard went on to reveal that he and Judy had a falling out after a mix-up involving clothes she wanted to take on their trip to France.

I was responsible for packing the car, because I drive the car, then I pack the car,” he explained. “But that meant being responsible for packing everyone’s clothes.

“Judy said to me the morning that we left, ‘There are two sets of clothes on hangers, one there on the left, one there on the right, you pack them both’. I said, ‘sure’.”

We reckon everyone can probably see where this story’s headed, but just in case, Richard continued: “We get to France and Judy says, ‘Where’s that jacket I wanted to change into? Where’s that skirt?’. I left half of her clothes in London – she bought them especially.”

Richard and Judy at the NTAs in 2020
Richard and Judy at the NTAs in 2020
David M. Benett via Getty Images

He added: “I think I would have been in less trouble if I’d had an affair… so anyway, thank God for Fedex. She basically didn’t speak to me for the first two days.”

Earlier this year, the former This Morning host dismissed speculation he could be set to replace Piers Morgan as a permanent GMB anchor.

He noted that while he’d be “bonkers” not to speak to ITV if they wanted him for the role, he’s just as happy “sitting in for people” as it means “all the fun and very little of the responsibility or flak”.

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