Judy Finnigan

Judy Finnigan's appearance at the National Television Awards in 2000 went down in TV history.
With David Walliams in charge of proceedings, there were plenty of talking points.
From sore losers to Judy Finnigan's bra making a surprise appearance.
The ITV show's original hosts stood in for Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes on Friday.
Phillip and Holly will both speak during the ceremony, as will original hosts Richard and Judy.
Chloe Madeley has revealed her decision to strip naked for a magazine photoshoot didn’t go down too well with her mum, Judy
Since Judy Finnigan's wardrobe malfunction at the National Television Awards, I'm pretty sure she's gone about her day without men pulling open her dress, juggling her jubblies and cheerily reassuring her, "everyone's seen them anyway".
Richard Madeley has confirmed that the police have been contacted over online threats sent to his daughter, Chloe Madeley
LIKE US ON FACEBOOK | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Chloe Madeley has posted a statement addressing the rape threats she’s recently
We need to talk about why the woman raped isn't considered an important part of this news story. We need to talk about why a woman who was raped, forced to leave her home and change her name isn't considered worthy of the same consideration as her rapist... Why are we more concerned with Evans' career but not that of the woman who was raped?
Katie Hopkins has publicly told Chloe Madeley to “accept” that online abuse is par for the course when you’re a celebrity
If Evans were guilty of murder, I sincerely doubt that his fans would be welcoming him back with open arms. Rape is a serious crime and it ruins lives. The take-home message should Evans be reinstated is that rape is not taken seriously as a crime.
Sheffield United have held talks over whether to decide if convicted rapist Ched Evans will be allowed to play for them again
Chloe says the threats were "extremely chilling" Chloe Madeley said she hopes the trolls who targeted her "will get their
The obsession with the theory that rape itself doesn't cause bodily harm is so very dangerous... It causes physical, psychological and emotional trauma. The emotional and psychological trauma can have physical effects like depression, self-harm and suicidal behaviour.
Judy Finnigan and Chloe Madeley Ched Evans was sentenced to five years in prison in 2012, for sexually assault. It now looks
Vine criticised the "Twitter mob" who attacked Finnigan for her comments. "The fact is that there is a world of difference