Rishi Sunak Hits Lowest Poll Rating As General Election Speculation Mounts

Only 20% of people had a positive view of the prime minister.
Future Publishing via Getty Images

Rishi Sunak has hit record low personal poll rating, amid speculation he could call a snap general election for the summer as soon as today.

A YouGov survey published on Wednesday showed only 20% of people had a positive view of him while 71% have a negative view.

The figures give a net favourability score of -51, Sunak’s joint lowest to date (with January).

By contrast, Keir Starmer remains much more popular than Sunak, although still unpopular overall – 34% have a positive view of the Labour leader and 51% have a negative one, giving a net score of -17.

Asked directly during PMQs today if there would be a summer election, Sunak laughed and dodged the question.

“As I have said repeatedly to him there is - spoiler alert - there is going to be general election in the second half of this year,” he said.

The prime minister’s frequent claim that he will call the election for the “second half” of 2024 has usually been interpreted to mean the autumn.

However he could decide to go to the country in July, which would also be in the final six months of the year.

Sunak is due to hold a meeting of his cabinet at around 4pm, with Lord Cameron cutting short a visit to Albania to present.

Grant Shapps, the defence secretary, has also delayed a trip abroad in order to attend.

Labour has held a comfortable poll lead for some time and it is widely assumed the Tories are heading for a heavy defeat.


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