Rose McGowan Drug Possession Case To Be Heard By Grand Jury

Rose is alleged to have left a wallet containing cocaine on a plane.

Rose McGowan’s drug possession case will go before a grand jury, a judge in Virginia has ruled.

The decision was made at a preliminary hearing in Leesburg, Virginia, on Thursday (3 May), where the actress had hoped to have the case thrown out.

It is alleged that a cleaner discovered cocaine in a wallet Rose had accidentally left on a plane in January 2017.

Rose McGowan
Rose McGowan
Rebecca Cook / Reuters

The preliminary hearing saw the member of staff testify that they found the wallet under a seat in first class, reports the Washington Post, telling the court that it contained documentation with Rose’s name on, cash and a white powder, that was later confirmed to be cocaine.

Rose had taken the flight to Washington for the first Women’s March, which took place the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Her lawyers have previously pointed out that hours passed between when she left the wallet and it was found, claiming someone could have planted the powder.

Her attorney, Jessica Carmichael, told the court that the case “so obviously flawed from its inception, so weak that it never should have been brought”.

In a statement issued to HuffPost UK after the hearing, Jessica Robison - another of Rose’s attorneys - said: “We are disappointed with today’s outcome, but Rose will continue to fight this case and has faith in the justice system and in twelve citizens of Virginia to justly decide her case.

“Rose is a brave whistle-blower who has been the subject of a vicious vilification campaign by one of the most powerful men, in the most powerful industries in this country. Harvey Weinstein hired ex-intelligence agents to infiltrate her life and undermine her credibility.

Rose McGowan
Rose McGowan
Francois G. Durand via Getty Images

"By speaking out, Rose helped to break the culture of silence and impunity that protected Weinstein for decades. Rose’s brave efforts helped to inspire the #MeToo movement and given countless people worldwide to the courage to speak out against sexual abuse and harassment.”

“Rose has always maintained her innocence. There was no cocaine in her wallet when it was last in her possession. We are confident of her defence.”

“Rose is focused on turning her traumatic experience into a positive opportunity to support other people to speak out about abuse and harassment. The sooner this case is resolved, she can focus her efforts on seeking accountability for Mr Weinstein and building a movement to create a culture where it is easier for survivors to speak out.”

The warrant for Rose’s arrest was first issued in February 2017, and made public in October. She turned herself in the following month, on 14 November, and was released on a bond.

Rose was one of the first women to speak out against Harvey Weinstein and, in court papers, has previously alleged that someone acting on the producer’s behalf could have planted the powder, stating Weinstein has a history of trying to silence his accusers.

He has denied all accusations of sexual misconduct and rape.


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