Rose McGowan Says A ‘Weight’ Was Lifted When The Weinstein Company Declared Bankruptcy

'It was like this multi-headed hydra, this monster, and it kept trying to come back.'

Rose McGowan has shared her feelings about The Weinstein Company (TWC) filing for bankruptcy, saying a “weight” was lifted when the company did so.

In October 2017, Rose was one of the first women to speak publicly to accuse movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual indecency.

While she did not always agree with Hollywood’s responses to the alleged abuse, Rose then became a key voice in the ensuing discussions about #MeToo and Time’s Up.


Appearing on Wednesday’s (18 April) edition of ‘Good Morning Britain’, she reflected on the last six months.

“It was actually only recently, about two weeks ago, when the Weinstein Company declared bankruptcy that I felt the true weight lift, because it’s like this multi-headed hydra, this monster, and it kept trying to come back,” she said.

“And people kept trying to buy the company back for him, and I was like, ‘no, you must stay down, it must show other people around the world that this can be done’.

“It’s a relief, I suppose, to have people believe me, but I’ve operated and been slandered, and disliked, and maligned for no other reason than he [Weinstein] purchased press all over the world to do so, for 20 years.

Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein
Steve Crisp / Reuters

Despite interest from an investment group, TWC filed for bankruptcy in mid-March, 13 years after it was formed by brothers Bob and Harvey.

TWC has been in dire straits since sexual assault, abuse and misconduct allegations against co-founder Harvey first emerged in October 2017.

Harvey resigned from the board with immediate effect and in the months that followed, over 50 women came forward with allegations about the film producer. He has denied all allegations of “non-consensual sex”.


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