11/09/2017 10:45 BST | Updated 11/09/2017 11:00 BST

Scarlett Moffatt Causes A Stir By Taking 11-Year-Old Sister On 'Term-Time Holiday'

'She has just started secondary school?'

Scarlett Moffatt caused a stir on Instagram when she shared photos of herself and her 11-year-old sister in New York. 

The ‘Gogglebox’ star posted snaps of the pair at tourist attractions during the weekend, however fans claimed the break would have overlapped with days at school.

Moffatt’s agent, John Noel, told HuffPost UK: “Scarlett’s mum obtained permission from her school for Ava’s holiday.” 

Commenting on a photo of the pair at the airport, one person wrote: “I don’t get why she is on holiday when she has just started secondary school?” 

Another person commented: “Yes it says weekend trip but Ava definitely would have missed at least one day at school.

“You can’t go to New York and back in two days.”

And someone also commented: “Not great to do this just as she has started back at school. Great fun, but not in term time.”

Other parents said people shouldn’t get involved in the family’s decisions.

“Her mum obviously got permission so why are we even getting involved, good for her it looks like a fun trip,” one wrote.

Another commented: “Scarlett I think it’s really lovely what you’ve done for your sister and ignore what others say about taking your sister out of school.” 

“You’re a brilliant sister, you give her the best opportunities you can,” wrote another. “It was probably two days max out of school - best idea in my opinion.”

In June 2017, dad Jon Platt was found guilty of taking his daughter out of school on an “unauthorised trip” during term time in April 2015.

Platt had previously won an appeal against his £120 fine for taking his seven-year-old to Disney World, however the Supreme Court overturned the decision.

The Supreme Court justices considered whether or not Platt committed an offence by failing to ensure his daughter “attended school regularly”, as required by section 444(1) of the 1996 Education Act.  

They ruled that “regular attendance” had to be in keeping with rules of the school.

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