Scottish Conservative Media Boss Ordered Out Of Ruth Davidson Photoshoot By Security

This is one awkward case of mistaken identity.

A Tory press officer was barred by security officials from attending his own leader's photoshoot today.

Adam Morris, head of media for the Scottish Conservatives, was questioned and threatened with ejection from a football ground in Hamilton after being mistaken for notorious heckler 'Scottish resistance' member Sean Clerkin.

He was there co-ordinating a photoshoot featuring Ruth Davidson, leader of the Conservatives in Scotland, who was filmed scoring penalties against Hamilton FC's youth division.

<strong>Davidson was netting balls earlier today</strong>
Davidson was netting balls earlier today

But the press aide was caught on camera being confronted by a security staff member who asked: "Let me ask you - you's got a permit to be right here?"

The Press Association's Mark McLaughlin said Morris had been confused with a man who famously cornered a former Scottish Labour leader and forced the MSP to take refuge in a sandwich shop.

"They're actually questioning if he's the head of media for the Tories," the presenter commented.

Davidson completed her photoshoot without hinderance, but it is not clear whether Morris managed to talk himself into being allowed to attend his own press conference.

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