Second Referendum Or End Of The Tory Party

The cold hard reality of what could happen to us is becoming clear

The Brexiteers would have us believe that the result of the EU referendum was totally democratic and absolutely binding and we must therefore leave the EU no matter how bad the effect on our country. It was the will of the people and must be obeyed because it was democratic - however they also insist that there must be no further democracy on this matter - not of the people nor of our elected representatives in Parliament.

Democracy was all - but it must not be allowed again on Brexit.

We might assume that those against a second referendum are against it since it might reverse the result of the first one. This must surely be the case since they would have their position confirmed beyond doubt should they win again?

Why should they fear losing a second referendum?

Many in favour of Brexit insist that those who voted for it were fully appraised of all the downsides and disadvantages of this country leaving the EU - so why wouldn’t the result be the same? Perhaps and second vote would increase the vote for Brexit.

They insist that the Brexit voters knew that our economy might suffer because of current trade deals coming to an end and no new ones taking their place. They knew that a no-deal Brexit was fine because we would simply default into World Trade Organisation rules, even if that might mean some commodities becoming more expensive.

Jacob Rees-Mogg recently told us that any advantages or improvements to this countries prosperity might take 50 years to achieve - and of course all the leave voters knew that when they voted in 2016. This argument is of course not credible.

Having been told that the Brexit negotiations will be easy and that money saved on paying the EU could simply be diverted to the NHS at £350 millions a year and that we would be free to make trade deals with the rest of the world - the cold hard reality of what could happen to us is becoming clear.

If it was not the case, why have some of the leading political Brexiteers run away - I mean David Davis and Boris Johnson? Being cynical opportunists they know when to fold and run.

They, like increasing numbers of ordinary people, know that the negotiations are going badly and they are going badly because they never could go well. That’s because we are better off staying in the imperfect EU and no better arrangement can be achieved - not even by a skilled and competent government.

The public thought they got sold a nice shiny car that does high milage per gallon - that starts first time - that won’t break down, that will help us get about and could be relied upon. They now see that it’s a rusty bit of junk on which the mileage was ‘clocked’ and they are being told that is what they knew they were buying.

When you buy a dodgy car, you expect to have recourse to law or to trading standards - in Brexit they are being told “you bought it - live with it”.

When was this country last sold such a lie as they have been with Brexit?

It is wrong to say that people knew what they voted for and more and more people recognise that. It is not treasonous to want to again ask the people what their will is on this most important of matters.

Everyone should notice that those who support Brexit are shouting even more loudly that the people cannot change their minds as those shouting loudest edge towards the door.

Perhaps the greatest guarantee of a second referendum is that the Tories may get to a place - if they haven’t already - that they fear political anhialation should they deliver a damaging Brexit and they too will want to throw it back to the people to decide rather than take full and complete responsibility.