18 Tweets That Nail Why Sex/Life Is The Wildest Ride On Netflix Right Now

It's the show everyone is watching for reasons they can't explain (or don't want to admit).

If you’ve opened your Netflix account of late, you’ll no doubt have come across the show Sex/Life.

The raunchy US dramedy has risen to the top of the most-watched chart since its release last month, and let’s just say if you haven’t seen it yet, it is truly the wildest ride on the streaming service right now.

The jury’s still out on whether that’s a compliment or not, but it is not one for the more prudish of viewers, put it that way.


It tells the story of a woman called Billie, who lives a comfortable but sexually-unfulfilling life with her husband Cooper and their young children in the affluent New York suburbs.

However, she can’t stop thinking about her wild younger years – more specifically the wild sex life she had with her rocker ex, Brad.

When her husband finds her electronic journal with all of her deepest desires written down, her past and present come colliding together in ways Billie doesn’t expect.

If you’ve managed to sit through all eight episodes (or made it as far as *that* scene in episode three), you’ll know exactly what we are talking about when we say it’s one of the most surreal watches we’ve had in a long time – although people on Twitter have done a much better job of summing it up than we ever could.

Take it away, Twitter...

1. Basically, the whole premise of the show is deeply flawed

2. The plot is flimsy, let’s be real

3. Just you wait until episode three

4. Speaking of which...

5. Alternatively

6. And if you’ve not seen *that* scene, this is one way of putting it

7. Let’s just say, this is pretty much to scale

8. We need answers

9. Yeah, this was a thing that happened

10. You and us both

11. Noted.

12. The script writers must have worked real hard on this scene

13. We’ll admit though, this was actually pretty funny

14. This pretty much sums up how we felt too

15. Yep

16. Yes it’s trash, but my god there’s a lot to dissect

17. Somehow, we’re left wanting more?

18. Mind. Blown.

Sex/Life is available to stream on Netflix now.


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