17/01/2018 11:27 GMT

Skincare Lovers Are Reeling In Horror At This Woman's Account Of A Guy Sharing Her Products

Uh, bro? Nah.

Twitter thread in which a woman wrote about catching a guy helping himself to her skincare products, struck horror into the hearts of many a skincare lover. 

Like a champ, J. Escobedo Shepherd, deputy editor at Jezebel, encouraged said man to use her products sparingly, due to their price points. 

“And he was like yeah yeah no problem, I only use a little bit,” she shared with the empathetic Twitter community (hundreds of retweets can attest to that).

It went on: “Dude was trying to get his regime right because he was about to shoot something on cam so I am like, of course, I feel you, this is what we all want, no prob, get your skin right.”

So far, so civil. 

Wavebreak via Getty Images

But J., a self-confessed skincare addict, watched at first with patience, then with increasing panic as this stopped being a one off occasion as “dude” kept trying it... 

Her patience, that is, by sampling one product after another. 

And Twitter was shook with the nerve of this guy, who was evidently a symbolic figure for all the times an unsolicited somebody has audaciously used precious moisturisers, serums and what-have-you in a “meh, I’ll just slap this on...” way. 

There’s nothing quite like seeing your favourite, expensive skincare finds being used like hand soap by someone who - clearly - doesn’t get it. 

First world problems? Sure. But, still.