Sharon Osbourne Tears Into Yet Another A-Lister – And This Time It's A True National Treasure

"It's like, 'cut the c***'."
Sharon Osbourne in the Celebrity Big Brother house
Sharon Osbourne in the Celebrity Big Brother house
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Sharon Osbourne is continuing to let any A-lister she doesn’t enjoy have it in the Celebrity Big Brother house – and this time she’s coming for a true national treasure.

During a conversation with Gary Goldsmith and Louis Walsh that aired during Thursday’s edition of companion show Late & Live, the uncle of Kate Middleton was heard asking Sharon: “Do you not think Adele has lost her way a little bit?”

Sharing her take on the Someone Like You singer, Sharon responded: “I think that she plays the, ‘oh love, oh I’m so English’.”

The former X Factor judge continued: “It’s like, ‘cut the crap, you don’t talk like that anymore. Just sing, just be true to who you are’. But she does all this old, ‘Engliiiish’, you know?”

Adele on stage at the Grammys last year
Adele on stage at the Grammys last year
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Earlier in the week, Sharon made headlines when she was heard laying into James Corden over his supposed name-dropping.

“He does that all the time,” Sharon claimed. “I go to him, I really like your shoes, and he goes, ‘Stella McCartney’. I didn’t ask who made them, I said I liked your shoes.

“But he constantly, constantly throws out names. When he got to America, he played the LA game really well.”

This then escalated into a takedown of Vogue editor Anna Wintour (“I think she’s the C-word”) and Ellen Degeneres (of whom Sharon could only offer a vomiting sound).

Sharon is currently in the CBB house as a temporary “lodger”, and is expected to leave the show in the coming days.

Celebrity Big Brother continues with the first eviction of the series on Friday night at 9pm on ITV1.


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