'I Think She's The C-Word': Sharon Osbourne Pulls No Punches As She Lays Into 3 Hollywood Stars

The Celebrity Big Brother star had some choice words for James Corden – but he got off lightly compared to others.
Sharon Osbourne in the Celebrity Big Brother house
Sharon Osbourne in the Celebrity Big Brother house
Shutterstock for Big Brother

If you were hoping that Sharon Osbourne’s stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house would result in her dishing the dirt on some of her fellow A-listers – your prayers have been answered.

During Wednesday’s edition of CBB spin-off show Late & Live, a clip was shown in which Sharon laid into James Corden during a conversation with Louis Walsh and Gary Goldsmith, accusing the Gavin & Stacey creator of being a name-dropper.

He does that all the time,” Sharon said. “I go to him, I really like your shoes, and he goes, ‘Stella McCartney’. I didn’t ask who made them, I said I liked your shoes.

“But he constantly, constantly throws out names. When he got to America, he played the LA game really well.”

“Kissing all the right people. Anna Wintour, mwah mwah mwah,” Louis then intervened, to which his former X Factor colleague responded: “Oh she loves him! She loves him. But who loves Anna Wintour? I think she’s the C-word.”

Louis then mentioned Ellen Degeneres’ name, which prompted Sharon to make a vomiting sound.

See, we told you she wasn’t pulling any punches…

Anna Wintour and James Corden in 2014
Anna Wintour and James Corden in 2014
TIMOTHY A. CLARY via Getty Images

The music-manager-turned-TV-personality will remain in the house for the first week of the series, but will not stay for the duration.

Earlier in the week, she was tasked with putting one housemate up for eviction with a “killer nomination”, opting for Gary, who is the uncle of Kate Middleton.

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Thursday night at 9pm on ITV1.


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