Shaun Bailey Takes House Of Lords Seat Amid Partygate Backlash

The former Tory London mayoral candidate's campaign held a “Jingle and Mingle” party despite Covid restrictions.
Shaun Bailey admitted to the House of Lords.
Shaun Bailey admitted to the House of Lords.
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Former Conservative mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey has been adorned with the ermine robes of the House of Lords despite the anger over his campaign’s “Jingle and Mingle” party at the height of the Covid outbreak.

The Lib Dems have urged Rishi Sunak to withdraw the party whip from Bailey as he took his seat in the Lords on Tuesday after being given the berth as part of former prime minster Boris Johnson’s resignation honours list.

Last month, footage emerged showing Tories drinking and dancing at a Christmas event at the Conservative Party headquarters in London on December 14, 2020.

The party was held by the campaign team for Bailey. It happened at a time when London was under Tier-2 restrictions, meaning people were banned from socialising indoors.

Bailey admitted attending the event but has said he “toodled off” to appear on the BBC.

The Metropolitan Police did not issue any fines related to the event during their probe into partygate last year because they said they did not have enough evidence.

Police only had access to still images of the event at the time. The new video footage, obtained by the Daily Mirror, was published at the end of last month.

The Met Police released a statement after the revelation confirming it was “assessing information and new material” into alleged breaches of Covid restrictions at Tory HQ, Downing Street, Chequers and inside parliament.

The BBC claimed to have seen invitations sent to 30 people for the Christmas event.

According to the broadcaster, the invite read: “Jingle and Mingle. Save the date: Monday, December 14th at 6pm, for the Shaun Bailey for London Holiday Party.”

Liberal Democrat leader in the Lords, Dick Newby, said: “It beggars belief that Shaun Bailey is being allowed to take up his seat in the House of Lords, despite an ongoing police investigation into a potential law-breaking party by his mayoral campaign.

“Rishi Sunak refused to step in and stop Boris Johnson’s partygate honours list, showing just how weak he is.

“The very least Sunak could do now is withdraw the Conservative whip from Bailey while this police investigation takes place.

“Anything less would show that yet again it’s one rule for Conservative politicians and another for everyone else.”


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