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Victory in capital came after challenger Shaun Bailey polled better than expected
“The streets ain’t never had no voice," the rapper told HuffPost UK, outlining plans for housing, transport and welfare in the capital.
Zac Goldsmith's racist campaign was roundly rejected by Londoners - Shaun Bailey's outrageous slurs mean the city has a clear choice in 2020
The 47-year-old has pledged a 'no tolerance' approach to crime.
Labour leader said he is opposed to 'all offensive language'.
Jeremy Corbyn is under pressure to remove the party whip from one of his MPs after ‘unacceptable’ comments she made about
Putting defibrillators in London's phone boxes has the potential to hundreds of lives across the capital every year. In 2014
As the prime minister's only black, working-class advisor moves to a part-time role, amid suggestions he was pushed out by the Etonian clique with which David Cameron has chosen to populate Downing Street, the charges of elitism are only going to get worse. You can be celebrated for writing a hit TV show like Girls even if you get your ethnic mix off-kilter, especially if you take the criticism on the chin and don't duck the issue, but it's far harder when you're running the country.
The prime minister's Big Society was supposed to be the key initiative that would bring together every policy area within the Conservative Manifesto. It was an underpinning philosophy that could be used to rebuild communities, allow for the reshaping of various public services, and above all demonstrate that the Tories were able to be compassionate.