Signs You're Taking Your Kid's Sports Day Too Seriously: From Photo Finishes To Openly Cheating

Sound familiar?

A headteacher has had to issue a stern warning about competitiveness getting out of hand in the run up to sports day - and her words of caution are aimed at parents not kids.

Sian Evans, from Ysgol Mynydd Bychan primary school in Cardiff, has written to parents to remind them teachers have the “absolute final say” on who wins, after some mums and dads filmed events and used this as evidence that their child should have been awarded a higher position in their race.

“If this happens again, there is a strong possibility that we will have to consider changing the competitive nature of our sports morning,” her letter read, according to Wales Online.

Are you hiding a snigger because this sounds like the sort of thing you’d do? Here are eight other signs you’re taking sports day way too seriously:

1. You run practice sessions with your child in the lead up to their race, which resemble a training montage from a ‘Rocky’ film.

2. You actively encourage cheating in the egg and spoon.

3. But have zero shame about accusing another child of cheating.

4. You lose your voice from all the cheering.

5. You actually warm up for the parents race.

6. Then try to psych out your opponents at the starting line.

7. You pose for your own photo finish.

8. And by the end of the day, you forget you’re actually there to see your child.