Simon Schama Says Donald Trump Victory 'Not A Moment For Calm'

He was told to 'calm down dear' by a fellow guest.

Simon Schama has warned that the election of Donald Trump is “cataclysmic” and that this was “not a moment for calm”.

Speaking on BBC Two’s Newsnight, the historian gave an impassioned speech in which he claimed the US was facing “despotism”.

He was told “calm down dear” by journalist Melanie Phillips, to which he snapped that this was no moment for inaction.

He said: “It’s not a moment for calm, it’s a moment for contesting what seems to be a very dangerous point in American history.

“George Washington, 120 years ago in a farewell address, warned against despotism and that’s what we’re facing.”

His comments drew mixed reaction online, with some praising him...

While others gave him short shrift...

Following the US election result, anti-Donald Trump protesters clashed with EDL supporters at a demonstration in London against the billionaire’s election as president on Wednesday night.

They were carrying placards saying “No To Racism” and condemned Trump for “stirring up fear and racism” in his quest for the White House.

One man, who wore the insignia of far-right EDL group, was filmed berating demonstrators and talking to a bank of photographer, praising Trump, saying “white lives matter” and saying refugees “are not welcome here”.

Protestors demonstrate against Trump's election
Protestors demonstrate against Trump's election
Ted S. Warren/AP

Meanwhile in the US, the result also sparked huge protests around the country with thousands demonstrating in cities including New York, Chicago and Washington DC.

Effigies of newly elected US president Donald Trump were set ablaze in protests across America overnight with demonstrators declaring the billionaire is ‘not my president’.


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