15 Super Simple Swaps To Make For The Planet This Earth Day

Reduce your waste with these planet-friendly and easy-to-use home and beauty buys.
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Beautiful emotional woman

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Keen to do more for the planet and reduce your impact on the environment (and the amount you’re throwing out) but not quite sure where to start?

According to Defra, houses across the UK produce around 26 million tonnes of waste a year – that’s the equivalent of 260 large cruise ships. Each year, the average person throws away a whopping 400kg of waste.

The good news is that small, sustainable changes can make a real dent in this waste mountain. We’re talking simple, low-cost swaps here – to become a little greener, aim to buy reusable items, shop for products made from recycled materials, and be mindful of what goes into your everyday essentials.

Honestly, living more sustainably is easier than you might think and doesn’t have to break the bank. To help, we’ve rounded up some handy ways to live in a more earth-conscious way. We’re not talking solar panels (yet). These are all basic buys that won’t feel like heavy lifts – but the planet will thank you.

Switch from plastic toothbrush heads
Instead of buying traditional toothbrush heads, opt for these Oral B compatible heads that can be recycled after use.
These reusable beeswax food wraps
A great alternative to clingfilm, these beeswax food wraps are easy to use and clean.
Stop using single-use cups
More takeaway cups are now recyclable, but having your own reusable coffee cup, like this smart cup with 360 degree drinking and anti-leak technology, is a failsafe option.
Say goodbye to beauty packaging
Swap out your go-to face wash, hand and body soap, and shampoo for this vegan, all-natural bar kit. They’re also free from harsh chemicals, parabens, and preservatives.
Try reusable skincare
Instead of single-use skincare, swap to reusable products like this eco-friendly eyebrow masks designed to be used again and again. I have these myself – they are incredible.
Invest in energy-saving smart bulbs
These light bulbs from Hive not only reduce your energy usage but can be scheduled via smartphone, tablet or Alexa to turn on and off or dim instantly with a swipe of your finger.
Use conscious dishwasher tabs
Dishwasher tablets can be packed full of nasty chemicals with a long-lasting impact on the environment (particularly aquatic life). Swap to an eco-friendly alternative like these.
Switch to plant-based cleaning wipes
If you’re going to use wipes to keep your surfaces clean and fresh, opt for biodegradable (and chemical-free) ones, like these antibacterial wipes from Cheeky Panda.
Try out a menstrual cup
Instead of using single-use, non-recyclable period products, try a reusable menstrual cup, like this one from Saalt. Not keen on the idea of a cup? Why not try period pants instead?
Buy eco coffee pods
Got a coffee machine? Say goodbye to normal pods and swap to these compostable (Nespresso-compatible) pods from Grind. (FYI, the coffee tastes fantastic, too)
Say goodbye to single-use wipes
Makeup wipes might be easy to use but they're seriously bad for the environment. Be kinder to the planet (and your skin) with a washable makeup remover round instead.
Invest in reusable food storage
Single-use sandwich bags might be convenient, but these BPA-free, food-safe silicone bags are a much better option: easy to use, clean and completely odourless.
Scrub up, vegan style
Switch out your go-to facial scrub for this planet-friendly alternative that's vegan, all-natural, and 100% plastic-free.
Stop buying single-use drinks bottles
Love fizzy drinks but want to move away from single-use bottles? Treat yourself to a SodaStream and make all of your favourite drinks at home without any one-time plastic.
Swap to eco-friendly laundry detergent
Free of all the nasties, this plant-based detergent is a great buy, and leaves clothes smelling fresh and sparkling clean even when washing at 30 degrees.