The Simpsons Super Bowl Prediction Meme Is A Fake

It did prophecise Lady Gaga's roof dive though.

As well as being an all-round fantastic show, The Simpsons has proven to be eerily prescient, most notably for its accurate prediction of Donald Trump’s presidency.

On Super Bowl Sunday a meme from an episode of the show went viral – purporting to claim it had also prophecised the outcome of the big game – putting the Patriots ahead of the Falcons 31-23.

But while The Simpsons certainly deserves credit for its popular culture forecasts (Apple watches, the tiger attack on Siegfried and Roy and a Nobel Prize winner), this particular meme has been called out as a fake.

The true tale as featured in an episode named The Town, depicted the Boston Americans playing the Springfield Atoms in a stadium game, but not the Super Bowl.

But fear not, the show’s visionary qualities have not been lost.

Lady Gaga’s epic leap off the stadium roof and subsequent airshow was featured in the 2012 episode Lisa Goes Gaga.

Still got it.


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