Your Kids Can Now Send A Letter To Father Christmas Via A 'Singing' Postbox

Ho! Ho! Ho! 🎶

If your little ones are already excited for Christmas, be warned: things are about to step up a notch with news that kids (and big kids alike) can now post a letter to Father Christmas and hear some Christmas tunes in the process, as well as a message from the big man himself.

The Royal Mail has launched a series of “singing” postboxes, each fitted with sensors that set off jingles, the sound of sleigh bells or a greeting from Santa when you pop your Christmas cards or letters through the slot.

PA Wire/PA Images

The downside is only four cities are getting the special boxes – London, Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh – so you may have to organise a day trip to get in on the action.

Simon Barker, operations director at The Royal Mail, said: “Delivering Christmas is our absolute priority this December. In the process, we enjoy any way we can add a little extra fun to posting Christmas cards this year.”

If you’re in one of the lucky four cities, look out for a postbox adorned with snowflakes. The singing boxes will be in place throughout the festive season.