Snow In London Doesn't Exactly Impress Londoners

'Who's enjoying the blanket of snow this morning?'

Snow may have made another appearance on Friday but Londoners were less than convinced by the exceptionally light dusting.

Snow fell on Thursday evening and Friday morning around the capital, with the home counties getting a thicker layer.

But very little snow settled in London, prompting many to voice their scepticism...

Others further afield were also similarly unruffled by the Snowmageddon...

While some still didn’t appear to be taking the threat of dreaded THUNDERSNOW seriously.

Further north though there was actually a proper blanket of snow, with some travel disruption caused in parts of Scotland due to the weather.

Roads in in the Scottish Borders, Perthshire and the Highlands have been affected by bad weather, according to the BBC.

Meanwhile the Environment Agency had 175 flood warnings in place, including 13 severe warnings, which denote a danger to life, in place for the east coast of England and one in Somerset.

The evacuation of the village of Jaywick in Essex also began on Friday, due to fears of an east coast storm surge.


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