20/05/2016 13:41 BST | Updated 20/05/2016 13:49 BST

Grandson Daniel Richardson Perfectly Sums Up The Contribution Immigrants Make In Touching Facebook Post

The heart-warming post has attracted hundreds of positive comments.

Australia is considered particularly tough on immigration and has faced a barrage of criticism in the past for its treatment of refugees.

But one man from Sydney has tackled negatives stereotypes surrounding immigrants with a touching Facebook post.

Daniel Richardson told the moving story of his grandparents, who came to Australia from Italy, on Facebook...

In the post, he said: "This is my Nonno and Nonna. They came here with nothing, a lifetime ago, illiterate and innumerate.

"They can count to 3 though; it's the number of houses they've built. They can count to 4, because it's the number of degrees their kids have. They can count to 5; it's the number of grandchildren they have. Counting to 26 is easy -it's the number of years they've helped with the grandkid's childcare out of their own pocket, and 40 is the number of years their own kids have been able to work productively because of it.

"50 -that's the number of years they've been in Australia, and it's also the number of years they've spent learning English, though they could barely spell in Italian when they left. And 60, that's the number of years they've worked as labourers and factory workers and gardeners. They've scarcely stopped.

"Numbers more than that get tricky -who knows how many times they've stepped in and saved one of their grandkids? How much they've helped their own kids? How many times they've told me to work hard and be good and save, save, save? How much they've prayed, or donated or helped in myriad silent ways?

"75 and 87 -that's how old they are now. They've worked hard their entire lives, most of it for Australia. Their contribution is beyond quantification. They came here with nothing, and now they have everything. What they've contributed to this country can't be counted, or spelled out. And if it could, they might not be able to read it.

"They don't read or write well, it's true. But I do. And it's because of them."

Many praised Richardson's story and at the time of writing it had received over 14,000 likes and had been shared more than 2,300 times.

The tale attracted hundreds of positive comments.

Glenda Simpson said: "Wonderful story! We are so grateful to all the people who came here and helped make this country what it is. Thank you."

Kathryn Keogh added: "Wow so articulately and beautifully that make this the lucky country...WE are lucky to have THEM."