23/11/2017 11:12 GMT

Mum Praised For 'Epic' Punishment For Her Son Who Was Suspended From School For Three Days

'He thought I was playing...' 😂

Being suspended from school may be intended to be a punishment but some kids will view being allowed to stay home as a treat. So this mum came up with a genius idea to ensure her son learned his lesson after his bad behaviour. 

Demetris Payne, from the US, explained on Facebook that her son had been suspended from school for three days (and didn’t want to say the reason why).

She advertised online that during those three days, he would be available to do handy jobs (mowing lawn, washing cars, etc.) free of charge. 

Payne said her son could commit to three hours per person - and parents loved the idea. 

“Well this is brilliant,” one person wrote on Facebook. “It shows you really care who he becomes.”

Another person commented:””How awesome. Your son is not inside the house watching TV or playing games on the computer.

“Teaching our children that education comes first. Now he knows what work is. Rake, rake, rake!”

Others called the mum’s idea “epic” and “world class parenting”. 

Payne shared photos of her son over the next three days doing work on neighbouring gardens.

 “First yard complete,” she wrote on 10 November. “He thought I was playing...”

And another yard was completed...

After the three days, Payne was satisfied her son had been taught a lesson.

She shared a photo of him on his first day back at school on 14 November, writing: “Look who’s back at school, meeting with all his teachers and set up a plan so we can make sure he stays on track.”

“Wow I am impressed,” one person commented. “You’ve done a great job.”

Another wrote: “Give yourself a huge pat on the back. What a great mum you are and what a great young man you are raising.”

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