Mummy Blogger Films Herself Swearing In Bedtime Story While Son Listens

'You can't lie the f**k down and sleep.'

A mummy blogger has gone viral after reading a controversial book to her toddler, that features heavy swearing.

Sophie Cachia, aka The Young Mummy, posted a short video of herself reading the hilariously popular ‘Go The F**k To Sleep’, a book targeted at sleep deprived parents.

Two-year-old Bobby listens attentively as Cachia says: “The cubs and the lions are snoring, wrapped in a big snuggly heap. How come you can do all this other great s**t but you can’t lie the f**k down and sleep?”


A video posted by SOPHIE CACHIA (@theyoungmummy) on

Captioning the clip #toddlerlife, Cachia has been vocal in the past about her struggle to get her son to bed and it seems she has finally succumbed to what all parents want to do – just say it how it really is.

Despite only being posted 24 hours ago, the Aussie mum’s video has already attracted 63,000 views and over 1000 comments.

Surprisingly, most parents have been supportive of Cachia’s decision.

Emma Kotsi said: “I love this! There are a lot worse things we can subject our children to then saying f**k and s**t too much. Doing a great job at being a real mumma in life and on social media.”

Caroline Marvelli said: “Where was this book when my kids were toddlers?”

Although there were some parents that felt swearing was unnecessary, Tennille Kate said: “I’m certainly not the fun police – don’t even think it is contentious, but just don’t think it’s appropriate to speak in front of children like that.”

And Rebecca Rabbit said: “I’m not keen on using this language around kids, no matter what age. It wont be so funny when he’s saying it when he’s older either. Love most of your other stuff but not keen on this.”

Would you swear in front of your children?

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