This rule works for us, for now. And to those who don’t agree, well, we have a few choice words for you.
"If this phrase is ever heard, or uttered, in my house – it’s met with a deathly, shocked silence."
"The stitches post birth were genuinely worse than the birth itself."
The difficult thing about trying not to swear is that children do a lot of things that might cause you to swear.
Three years ago I had a ‘big’ birthday with an ‘0’ at the end. And I still can’t bring myself to say the word
I had some lovely feedback from my mum on one of my first published pieces. "It's terribly good darling, but isn't it a bit... well... sweary?!" Well, yes it is. And it seems I'm in excellent company as research shows that women are more likely to drop the F-bomb than men.
'Our house hold might be a sweary one, but it's a bloody kind one.'
A mum blogger has revealed she isn’t really bothered that one of her children has started swearing in front of her.  Mum