Spain's New Tourist Rules Could See Brits Fined £650 In Holiday Hotspot

They're cracking down on badly behaved hen and stag dos.
The new rules target stag and hen parties.
picture alliance via Getty Images
The new rules target stag and hen parties.

In the run-up to a wedding, many of us will jet abroad for a hen or stag do.

However, Brits heading to Malaga in Spain could face fines of £650 if they break the strict new rules that have been introduced to crack down on badly behaved stags and hens.

There will be a ban on inflatable sex dolls and blow-up penis costumes - yes really - as plans from the city council will disallow nudity and ‘erotic items in public’.

Law will say it is ‘forbidden to walk or remain in the streets only in underwear, or with clothes or accessories that represent genitals or with dolls or elements of a sexual nature’.

Tourists breaking the rules will first be asked to stop by the local police, according to the council. If they refuse to comply, they can be fined by up to €750 (£650).

This fine can soar to a whopping €1500 (£1300) if the offender is with a minor or disabled person or commits the offence in view of a school or playground.

The new restrictions comes as the city has reported a rise in anti-social behaviour, often tied to hen or stag parties.

It will be officially be introduced in early 2023, as the restrictions are currently in draft form and yet to be formalised.