Spain Holiday Warning To Tourists Over Rise In Simple Money Scam

Travellers have been told to check their change.
Tourists have been hit by the scam
David Benito via Getty Images
Tourists have been hit by the scam

UK sun-seekers heading to Spain for some winter warmth have been warned not to fall victim to a new tourist scam.

Spain’s Guardia Civil has warned that tourists should check the change they’re given when splashing the cash on holiday.

Spain’s law enforcement agency say that scammers are switching the two euro coin for a Turkish lira.

The two coins look very similar in both their size and shape and can be easily mistaken by people who don’t frequently use euros.

Both coins are also silver on the outside and gold in the middle - meaning unsuspecting tourists are the perfect targets for the scam.

However, the lira coin features Turkey’s first president, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, on the back and a half moon and a star on the front above the value.

The Turkish coin is worth only about 30p in GBP, while two euros come in at approximately £1.74.

Local media in Spain issued the news that scammers were in action, and according to the site “this is not the first time the Guardia Civil has issued a warning of this type – earlier this year there was a similar fraud involving one-euro coins which were being substituted by foreign coins with a much lower value.”