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And encouragingly, they saved 39% of it.
Future-proof your finances - and impress lenders - with these expert tips.
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"We’ve written more IOU notes to our kids than I care to remember."
Promotions and raises in income have the tendency to bring about new spending and costs.
As Christmas fast approaches and more than 3 million people get set to head to the airports, they can expect to see a sudden price surge of 24% in flight costs due to recent airline collapses. With money tight around the Christmas period, everyone will be looking for ways to save on their flights.
Christmas seems to hit the shops earlier every year, but despite best intentions some of us still find we leave budgeting for the annual festivities to the last minute. Whether you plan months in advance or leave your shopping to the last-minute, here are some top tips to help you get ready for the big day.