Stacey Solomon Gets Real About Breastfeeding Struggles: 'We Might Never Master It'

"I’ve been milked by just about every health visitor and breastfeeding specialist around."

Stacey Solomon has proved once again she’s one of the most relatable celebrity mums, as she shared an honest post about her struggles with breastfeeding.

The 29-year-old, who gave birth to her third child in May 2019, posted an Instagram selfie of her feeding her son – whose name she has not yet revealed.

“Trying to smile, this is my face every time he latches on,” she wrote. “After not mastering the latch that leaving my boobs engorged and my nipples feeling like they’d been rubbed on sandpaper I think we are finally getting there.”

Solomon said she didn’t breastfeed her seven-year-old son Leighton, and doesn’t remember what it was like 11 years ago with her eldest Zachary – so it came as a shock when feeding her newborn wasn’t “blissful”.

The mum-of-three said she has been milked by “just about every health visitor and breastfeeding specialist around” and she’s grateful her son can finally get his mouth around, “what Zach and Leighton call, my Pepperami nipples!”

“We still haven’t mastered it yet and we might never master it – that’s ok too,” she continued. “I just thought for anyone out there struggling or who struggled to breastfeed that it’s perfectly okay, there’s nothing wrong with you, and you’re doing amazingly.

Solomon said while it’s wonderful to see people’s happy breastfeeding pictures and amazing expressing photos, she would have loved to see different experiences, too. “Here’s to making it work no matter what way round you do it! Breast or bottle, mammas, YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!”

Many mums found comfort in Solomon’s post, and praised her for sharing her experience so honestly. “Thank you so much,” one wrote. “It is so hard for so many of us, even with all the willpower and support in the world, sometimes it just doesn’t work out and it takes a lot not to feel like a total failure.”

Another mum said: “We took weeks to establish latching on properly and when she did it felt like needles stabbing into my nipples. There was blood, cracked nipples and every time she needed feeding I cried. I couldn’t pump anything and it made bonding difficult.

“But we did finally crack it. All in all, my breastfeeding experience was really hard and I’d never pressure myself the way I did a second time round.”

Other mums shared words of encouragement to Solomon, with one writing: “Keep up the great work, I found it tough too and you can only do what your body lets you, but I know after a month it got a lot easier. We have all been there!”