Star Wars Day Sees London Fire Brigade Warn Men Against 'Using The Force' With Penis Rings

'Don't use the force Luke!'

Most companies use Star Wars Day as an excuse to shoehorn in their brand by posting a 'viral' attempt at a joke or pun, but London Fire Brigade have well and truly nailed the attempt - and in blazing fashion.

The fire service used a mock 'Star Wars' introduction to alert Londoners to the perils of "penis rings".

In a film opening-come-public service announcement, the Brigade warned people against putting themselves in precarious sexual situations that could see them trapped in objects including handcuffs or rings.

They used the harrowing tale of a man who was forced to undergo surgery to remove metal rings that had been stuck on his penis for three days to drive down "time-wasting" calls.

The text reads:

"The force awakens in some Londoners which has resulted in people being stuck or trapped in objects like handcuffs or rings.

The Firefighter Alliance is campaigning to reduce some of the time-wasting calls in a bid to drive down incidents across the galaxy.

One time firefighters came to the rescue of a man forced to undergo surgery to remove to metal rings that had been stuck on his penis for three days.

Don't use the force Luke, Anakin or Yoda.

If it doesn't fit, don't force it.

(And keep the keys handy.)"

May 4 marks 'Star Wars Day', a point in the calendar that fans celebrate the franchise due to its pun on the catchphrase "May the Force be with you".


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